Предавање - Profit Optics

Чет, 13. Сеп, 2018. у 12:43

Електронски факултет у Нишу, Сала 2

Понедељак 17.09.2018. у 11ч

Anthony Pericle, CEO of ProfitOptics LLC
Jon Ladle, COO of ProfitOptics LLC

Тема предавања:
Agile software development - case study of US software company ProfitOptics LLC

Кратак опис:

Join us for a discussion with two executives from USA based firm ProfitOptics. Topics will include:
1. Ideal IT Traits: How to Become an Irreplaceable Asset to Your Future Employer
2. The concept around Agile software development: Implement lightweight development processes to make software better.

Building upon principles such as trust, collaboration, and joint accountability, the Agile development methodology framework has taken shape into what is now implemented and followed by most IT departments and developer teams around the world.
Learn how ProfitOptics has used Agile development concepts, combined with a unique organizational structure, to consistently deliver software that users love.

Also, we you will have an opportunity to ask questions from both Tony, founder & CEO and Jon, COO, the presenters.

Immediately following the presentation and discussion, we welcome you to informal opportunity to mix with the company representatives.